Weird LJ meme

Here's one of those weird LJ memes: update your journal for a week without using any of those personal pronouns like "I", "me", "my", "mine", etc. Who makes these things up?? Ok here goes!!

SOMEBODY noticed that a very famous URL takes on a different meaning according to its capitalisation: GoOgle. So Go Ogle something.

Internet Anonymity Crisis

In another forum, Roy said:

Roy say, "You know what I hate about LiveJournal? The way you too often don't know who people actually are."

[Please note that Roy is plural.]

This reminds me of the often used internet debating technique of attacking people according to their "name". How many times have you seen people on UNSENET, Slashdot, various web forums, LiveJournal, and other places, get angry because somebody posts a comment under the name "Anonymous"? The attack basically goes in a few ways such as "Stop being an Anonymous Coward", "Use your Real Name and own your comments", "Stop hiding behind a false name"', and so on.

The problem with these attacks is that on the internet, basically everybody is anonymous unless they specifically try to announce to people who they really are. Who really knows who you are on the internet? I'd say that your ISP knows, because presumably you pay them for internet access, so they've got your credit card number and name. Even in that case, there is no proof that the person putting a message on the internet is the person paying for the internet access. It could be somebody who lives in the same house, or a visitor, or even a burglar.

Internet access is also available from internet cafes, public libraries, educational institutions, or being close enough to an unencrypted wireless access point. What it comes down to is that if somebody chooses an internet nickname like "Purple Bunny", "Sparky The Wizard", or "Myxomatosis", you know that's not their real name. But what if somebody chooses a name such as "Bob Clintock", "Frida Johansson", or "Moira McLean"? Those might or might not be their real names. People can choose any string of characters they like to use as a nickname on the internet.

Therefore, it is rather pointless to demand that people on the internet refrain from posting anonymous messages. Everybody is anonymous by default. Even when a person uses a name that appears to be a real name, such as Fabio Heinz for example, it could still be a made up name. If somebody posts an anonymous message you don't like, you can either ignore it (which is often the best choice), or else debate the contents of the message on its merits, ignoring that the author chooses not to attach a string such as "Snail Guts" or "Belinda Roberts" to the top.

On the internet, there is no requirement to use your real name in many situations. You're probably better off not using your real name and details of your life if you wish to avoid problems such as stalking and identity theft.

The Chimp Conspiracy

What is it about Chimps?

An artist named Christopher Savido produced a painting of some bloke named George Bush, which caused a ruckus at an art gallery. Somebody really took offence at the painting, which you can see here.

The offended person demanded that the painting be removed from the art gallery, or else he would have the gallery manager arrested, the painting seized, and the manager evicted from his office. To me, this seems like a bit of an overreaction. Is it because the painting has chimps in it? Would people be so upset if it was giraffes, elephants, or donkeys?

Is there some sort of chimp-related coverup in the White House? Only a DNA test can solve this mystery. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

I'm not making this up.

Let the Iraqi Prime Minister decide!

"You can't lead this country if your ally in Iraq feels like you questioned his credibility," Mr Bush said.

So does that mean that the Iraqi Prime Minister gets to choose the next President of USAia? I suppose that's only fair, seeing as how the POTUSAia chose the Iraqi Prime Minister. It's all about how the Iraqi Prime Minister feels! All that "voting" stuff is just a sideshow. Who knew?

Computer problems

Don't you hate that when you use somebody else's computer and it's running Windows and it says "My Computer" and "My Documents" and "My Pr0n" and you have to go through and change it all to "Somebody Else's Computer", "Somebody Else's Documents", ect before you can use it?

I really hate that. Also I don't like all the screaming and wailing about "YOU B0RKED MY COMPUTAR MACHENE!".

Can I use your computer? Please?

If you don't stop it, I'll turn this plane around and head straight back to Sydney!

Yesterday, a United Airlines flight from Sydney to Los Angeles turned around and went back to Sydney because somebody found a "sick bag" in the first-class toilet which had the letters "B O B" written on it. The aircrew thought that "B O B" must stand for "BOMB ON BOARD", so they aborted the flight. I would have thought that the letters "B O B" written on a sick bag in the toilet would probably mean "BAG OF BARF".

However, I now fully expect that it will be illegal to write the letters "B O B" on anything in an aeroplane, just like how it's currently illegal to make any "jokes" about "THERE'S A BOMB ON THE PLANE!!". I wonder what would happen if somebody left a note in the plane's toilet saying "THERE IS A FLOWER ON BOARD THE PLANE!". Also, subgeniuses will no longer be allowed on planes.

Uh oh Iraq!

There is a story that Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi shot six people just before becoming Prime Minister, which worries people who think that he might be another murderous dictator. The Australian Defence Minister Robert Hill, and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, both say that if anybody has any allegations of this sort, they should take them to the Iraqi Police. Considering that the allegation is that Allawi shot the six people at a police station in front of Iraqi police officers and Coalition Of Willing (COW) soldiers, it seems like you'd have to be pretty brave or pretty stupid to go to the Iraqi Police about this matter.

Foreign Minister Downer also said that this is a matter for the Iraqi Police because Iraq is a sovereign country, since June 28 2004. If the Iraqi PM is murdering people, there is nothing for the Coalition to do, because hey! It's a sovereign country! Now what was the reason for deposing Saddam Hussein again?